The FitX Nitronics RIPPED- The Super Stack

The FitX whey Protein Nitronics Ripped ensure high quality free flowing, easily mix with spoon whey protein for health freaks and athletes for proper maintenance of muscle mass and recovery post workout. 24 gms of protein, 1500mg. L Carnitine L Tartrate, 6.55 gms BCAA, 1.50 gms Creatine, 1.11 gms Beta Alnine, 750mg Taurine and 4.55 gms Glutamine in 40 gms scoop size ensures optimum recovery, Fat Cutting and muscle gaining Matrix, with no fat or water weight gains.


Whey Protein Concentrate, Cocoa Alkaline, Xantham Gum(e415), L CARNITINE L TARTRATE, BCAA, BETA ALANINE, TAURINE, GLUTAMINE, LACTOSPORES, CREATINE MONOHYDRATE, Used high grade encapsulated flavors, Artificial Sweetener Sucalose (INS955) DigeZyme.

DigeZyme- A multi- enzyme blend containing Amylase, Lactase, Cellulase, Lipase and Neutral Protease.


Add 1 Scoop of Protein powder in 250 ml milk/ water early morning to break the fasting state.

Before Workout to fuel body for explosive workout and avoid catabolic state of muscle breaking.

Post workout to recover and fuel body for muscle building.

At bed time to avoid muscle breaking due to starving and fasting state.

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FitX Nitronics RIPPED- The Super Stack

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