The FitX NitroXtreme weight gainer ensures high quality weight gaining ingredients for health freaks and athletes for proper maintenance of muscle mass, extreme mass gain and recovery post workout. 30gms. of protein, 130gms. of blend of 3 types of carbohydrate, 5gms.   of creatine blend in ration of 2:2:1 ensures calorie excess state and make it superior weight gain formula. It is fortified with digezyme for breaking of ingredients and lactospores is added for faster assimlation, hence faster gain. Added Gokshura herb extract, commonly known as Tribulus Terrestris increase oxygen rich blood flow in muscles, enables muscles to use the protein in our body. It stimulates the pituitary gland to produce testosterone, key hormone that build muscles. The synergy effect of all ingredients makes it the superior weight gain formulae in its category. Source from intentional manufacturers , we ensure to make high quality products.

Direction Of Use

Add 2.5 scoop (100 gms) of nitroXtreme weight gainer in 400 ml. of water and blend it to make rich creamy shake and take it between breakfast and lunch and take 2.5 scoop ( 100 gms) post workout for effective weight gains. Recommended dosage 5 scoops (200 gms) a day.  

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FITX Nitro Xtreme Weight Gainer

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